Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Which country has the best education system, and why?

The answer is Finland.

Here are the reasons why:
1) They have 3 teachers in the classroom at all times. This allows teachers to work one on one with their students and find out what they're having problems with.
2) It's a relaxed environment--kids can ask more questions.
3) They live in superb neighborhoods that value education--only 2 percent of students drop out. While 25 percent of Americans drop out of school.

Here is a list of things that I think they should change in their education system:
1) All teachers have a master's degree. This should be changed--just because you attended school for a longer time doesn't mean that you're more intelligent than someone else. School isn't an accurate measure of a person's intelligence level at all. A lot of well educated men & women didn't even attend college. Bill Gates is a perfect example of this.
2) Over there, they expect students to speak four languages. If they're not going to visit that particular country, then what's the point? I'm sure that most of those kids don't want to learn four languages. Schools should focus on their native language. I'm not saying that foreign languages should be offered. I'm just saying that they shouldn't be mandatory.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Are students memorizing material or learning it?

Most students just memorize useless information for the exam. Once it's over, they just forget everything. Teachers rush students into memorizing things that they will never need to know after they pass the class. When am I going to need to know the phonetic alphabet? I'm not going to be a linguistic's professor, so what's the point of learning it? All of the professors think that students should become "well rounded." All that means is that students should spend more time in the classroom "learning" more useless nonsense and spend more money--when they could be working at a job that they're specialized in. College shouldn't be four years!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Crazy Cruise Line

On “HLN”, they talked about a cruise line that had some passengers & furniture moving to the other side of the room due to a storm. They received many complaints from various passengers. Do you know what the cruise line offered them!?! They received a deal for their next cruise—twenty five percent off. If that happened to me, then I would never want to go on one again. That’s just a scam to get more money. They should have offered a refund, but they’re just too stingy. One of the journalists on “HLN” said, “I watch the whale watching t.v. shows, and even they can track down storms better than this. What are we going to do when we see an iceberg?” With all of the technology that we have, things like this shouldn’t have even occurred.

Man Gets Arrested For Climbing a Skyscraper

A gentleman who is in his late 50’s climbs a skyscraper and gets arrested after he got onto the balcony. It’s illegal because of liability reasons—he might damage the building or hurt himself or someone below. This is like saying a kid at a park might kill another kid at a park if they climbed a slide while the other kid was going down it. These are all what if questions; they’re not necessarily going to happen. That’s why it should be legal.

Absurd Dress Code

There was a ridiculous law that just got passed in New Orleans. If your pants are too low or your skirt is two hands above your knee, then you will be fined two hundred dollars. I really don’t get why you have to be fined at all. These people aren’t hurting or threatening anyone. This is considered racial discrimination. I believe this is just another scheme for the government to earn some money.

Politicians Finally Making Sense!

In Nevada, they just passed a new law. If you pay twenty five dollars, then you will be able to drive ninety miles per hour. I have some questions. How often do you have to pay twenty five dollars? Is it weekly, monthly, or yearly? How do the police know who paid for it?