Monday, August 16, 2010

Is America Headed Towards Communism?

We’re already losing our rights—freedom of: speech, religion, and various other things. Today’s society is forgetting our roots and what this country started on. Don’t forget the principles and morals that we once had. The government is trying to manage all of the businesses. For example, the government thought that McDonalds needed to get rid of the toys in the happy kids’ meals because they were causing childhood obesity. Well, that seems completely unfair. You shouldn’t be able to tell a company to do something. This is hurting their business—these toys aren’t hurting anyone. These toys aren’t making you fat; you’re making yourself and your children fat by going there in the first place. Don’t blame a company for your mistakes. You had the choice whether to stay home and eat an organic salad with dressing on the side or have: a big mac, large fries, and a coke

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