Thursday, June 16, 2011

School vs. Education

School and education are two completely different things.  School is about bubbling in multiple choice answers, answering the question to what the teacher or professor wants to hear, doing a ton of busy work, memorizing things just before the test, caring more about getting good grades than actually learning the material (being performance goal oriented), teachers only teaching for the test--not for life, a fast paced curriculum that forces students to memorize the material and teachers and professors to go at such a fast rate; even the best teacher can't teach things as they should be taught.

Education isn't limited to school walls--it's a lifelong journey.  It's about being street and book smart.  It's also about adapting to your surroundings; otherwise known as intelligence.  Education is also about being smart, which means that you retain information.  Not only should you retain information, but you should know how to use that information and apply it.  Even if you don't know what the answer is, then you should be able to find it.  Education is equivalent to having the knowledge.

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